About Claire

My name is Claire Muck,

I grew up in the Fremont/ Mead- Wahoo, Nebraska areas.

I went to college at Grace Bible University originally for Youth ministry then changed to Mass Communication/ Media then transferred to Southeast Community College Beatrice to achieve my associate’s degree.

My childhood was anything but normal; I was born as a twin-less twin.

On January 27th my twin sister and I were born alive, she did not have certain organs and was not able to make it.

My parents never kept this from me; I always knew that I was a twin-less twin.

I saw spirits as most kids did as a child.

My imaginary friend when I was 9-10ish was ruled out as normal because of the loss of my sister.

As you can guess this made my teenage years very difficult.

Being lost as a teenager is hard enough, add that little extra spice of emptiness in there and I wanted to stand out like the black sheep I was meant to be!

When I really started noticing that I was “different” was when I was having numerous dreams about loved ones that passed away and the next day it really happened.

I have always known that my family has been vivid dreamers and thought that was normal, until I started recording them.

I would have dreams about people I have never met, emotions that I have never felt before and just plain intense scary dreams.

I had a very close friend pass away and before he passed he gave me a rock, he told me it was my gratitude rock.

He said I was to think of 5 things I was grateful for in the morning before putting in my pocket and same thing when bringing it out of my pocket.

After his passing so many other people and synchronicity brought me to the love for crystals and rocks that I have now.

Also, after his passing I started getting visions.

He would show up and show me a vision of a situation that I was not involved in making me feel the emotions that was feeling so I could explain it to his loved ones.

He continues to show up in my dreams and visions as well as my great uncle to help guide me into the paths that are needed.

My friends passing as well as my uncles both led me to Reiki.

In 2010 I had lost my job, apartment and my best friend (the one I spoke of before).

My grandmother needed someone to care for her after knee surgery so I packed up my life in Omaha and moved to Fremont.

In this time we were going back and forth to Minnesota because her brother (my great uncle whom I spoke of) was passing away.

I found my first Reiki teacher Racheal Mueller in town and soon after became certified in Reiki I and II.

Once things started calming down I realized that I really want to help people, in order for me to do that I had to make sure I was fully healed myself.

I started counseling for myself and that is where I fully dealt with the loss of my twin among many other past issues that I had.

I, then, found my 2nd Reiki teacher in town Sue Thornton and was certified in Reiki III and master.

Three days later I was fired randomly from my  job. This made me pick up and really launch my Reiki business to its fullest.

Since getting attuned to Reiki III and master, I have been able to not only heal, but I am also able to channel spirits with almost every session.

I have been able to bring forth messages from passed on love ones or even guides. This has been a magical experience and I am so thankful for Reiki in my life.

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