All services are on zoom or over the phone minus the house cleanse or parties that are wanting to be held at customers houses.  If you are 10 minutes late to a zoom call or do not answer or return the call for 10 minutes that is considered a no call no show


$250 The Works Package- This is a close to 3 hour session that has all that I offer in one session Reiki, Chakra clearing, tarot, medium session, Crystal reading and astrology birth chart reading.


$200 1 hour medium session for one person  (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides)

$100 30 min medium session  for one person (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides)

$250 Emergency Medium session 45 min session that is booked within 24hours for one person  (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides) 

$250 Medium session with 2 people  (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides)

$350 Emergency medium session with 2 people  (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides)

$100 Birth Chart Astrology reading. ( I go over your birth chart and explain the basics of your chart and then explain how it is affecting you with the astrology that is going on now.)

$55 Tarot reading- 9 card reading with 3 different decks to go over specific questions you might have. 

$90 Year Tarot – 13 card spread going over every month and what it has in store for you

$100 Emergency Tarot Booked within 24 hours 9 card spread 

$200 House cleanse- I sage, give reiki and cleanse your home of any negative energy as well as giving you crystals to help keep the positive energy flowing in your home. 

Party Time!

$750 Large Medium Party 2 hour session 11-15 people max  (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides) 

$500 Medium Medium Party 7-10 people max  (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides)

$400 Small Medium Party 4-6 people max  (I connect to your passed away loved ones or guides)

$250 Tarot Party 5 people limit and each person gets a tarot spread

$500 Coaching Party! Team Building and bonding experience for all. This is an experience that I will used as a mediator and a coach to help keep a group of people connected to bond in the workplace.This can be over zoom or on site at your workplace.

Sessions and Services

All services may be booked online or directly with claire

*All services may be rescheduled but once paid are nonrefundable. You have 30 days to reschedule said appointment.

  • Must have a 24 hour notice to reschedule a session if not the session will have to be repaid for to book again.

*All prizes and things won must be claimed within 30 days.

** All Services  are offered over the phone or on zoom: ” the works”, Tarot, Medium sessions, ClaireVoyant conversation( phone only) , birth chart. Please specify in the notes section that this is over the phone or on zoom when booking the session.

Monthly specials will vary and details will be listed in the description as well as my facebook page as a flagged to the top post.

When you schedule a session with ClaireVoyant you will get an email or a text message from square to confirm but please note this is not communication from Claire and if something is incorrect please contact Claire immediately to make any changes.

All appointments are paid for in advance if you need to reschedule a date or time it must be 24 hours notice.

If rescheduling an appointment you must do so within 30 days of the originally scheduled appointment. If not rescheduled within 30 days payments are non refundable. You reschedule does not have to be booked within the 30 marker; it just needs to be actually set up within this time frame.

If no show occurs all payments are non refundable.

**CoachingIf you are wanting a coaching session with me I am requiring at this time to book the works package first so I can understand what we are going to be working on in our coaching sessions. I will be the one booking all Coaching sessions at this time.  So I do offer this and if you are already a regular client of mine I can set this up for you at any time.

Gifting or certificates: 

I offer gift certificates for all of my services however it must be for a specific service and set to a specific person at the time of purchase.

G/C must be booked before said expiration date. These are also non transferable to another individual.

When redeeming G/C contact me to book your appointment for you

The appointment must be booked within the expiration date example; your expiration date is 12/31 you can book your appointment for 1/2 if it was set up before your expiration date.

Communication with Claire

Any form of communication (text, email, phone calls or any social media platform) will get a response within 24 hours

**Any emergency sessions being requested please text me (402-277-0594) and I will get back to you as soon as my schedule allows.


ClaireVoyant travels for parties and house cleanses and travel fees may occur and can be discussed before booking a session  just message me to discuss.  


Any medium sessions that have more than 2 people please book a party

Small Medium Party : from 4-6 people $400 2 hours max

Medium Medium Party: from 7-10 people $500 2 hours 30 mins max

Large Medium Party: from 11-15 people $750 3 hours max

Will travel  or can be performed in my studio please contact me for any more details

*Classes* ( Claire is not offering Reiki classes for the time being)

Any Reiki classes to be booked need to communicate with me before hand because of scheduling requirements for the program.

Here is a breakdown of the prices.

I teach the classes as Reiki 1&2 together and 3 and master together.

Reiki 1&2- $300

Reiki 1&2 with mentor ship $500

(You will shadow me for a couple weeks and get hands on practice with my subscription clients)

Reiki 3 Master $300

Reiki 3 and Master with mentor-ship $500

If you want to only do one class ( reiki 1, reiki 2, reiki 3) $175

Subscription Package: 

For first time signing up for the subscription package you must complete one “the works” package first.

If “the works” scheduling commitments are not met discount pricing will not be applicable and full service rates will apply

if you would like to cancel before the minimum of 6 months there will be a $100 charge to cancel a subscription. This is in addition to any nonrefundable services previously paid for.

After 6 months if at any time you or I feel that you no longer need the subscription we can communicate this to be discontinued.

Determination of future or ongoing services can be discussed as needed on a case by case basis.

Once subscription services are no longer utilized discount rates are no longer applicable. A minimum of 2 full service “the works” package appointments is required to be completed before discount service can be applicable.

Please contact me with any further questions.