What is Coaching Like with Claire?

I use a variety of tools to support my clients journey through life. I will act as a guide to help you establish self trust and compassion for others. Other areas that I will be able to help with could include: Releasing judgments and negativity, gaining empowerment, understanding your purpose, releasing blocks, teaching you about spirituality and discovering who you truly are. With some of the tools like reiki I will be able to help with healing past wounds and manifesting what you truly want in life as well as just appreciating life in general. I am extremely experienced in coaching people through grief to navigate during difficult life challenges. 

As a coach I want you to be able to learn how to do this on your own so you can process and have love for yourself and the world around you. I want to be able to provide you with a toolbox full of tools to use after our sessions to help you adapt to your new life and all of life’s hurdles. This way you’re adapting and growing and adding abundance to your life. 

When we start to take our power back and make conscious decisions we realize that we are completely in control of our lives. Each decision is either a step towards the life of your dreams or away from it. If you want to cultivate a life of happiness, love, connection, and achievement working with a spiritual coach is right for you.

I am offering a variety of choices that include couples coaching sessions, coaching and reiki sessions, tarot and medium sessions that can all be utilized in my subscription services.