Clairsentience is being able to feel beyond into a friend or spirit.  This is often recognised in twins when one gets hurt physically and the other one feels it.  Sometimes mothers will suddenly just know that their child is hurt and even feel sore in their body where the child was injured.

The other side of this is the Empathic sense where emotions are shared.  Have you ever been really upset and unsure why?  Only to find out later that you best friend was really angry or upset?  We are more sensitive than we think and can accidentally pick up what other people are feeling.  People who are extremely sensitive in this area can be driving down the road, pass a complete stranger and get a rush of their emotions.People who are dominant in these senses often look for ways to ease other peoples pain.  They become healers, therapists, motivational speakers, and over all sensitive and understanding friends.

* This is an excellent link to help protect yourself 

This article is from spirit science 6 Psychic senses that I will be going over all of them in detail.

 Claire talk:

Me being a twinless twin I have been told by people that are “sensitive” that they have seen or felt my sister helping me in my healing practices. So therefore I feel that I have an abundance of energy that I can tap into doing any given thing. When I was in college I didnt understand why I always wanted to “deep talk” with people to feel like I would actually know them … after we did that talk if they were sick or emotionally ill I would have it. In one year I had Whooping Cough, 9 sinus infections, pink eye, and scabies. Not to mention the weekly puking after a youth group meeting or outing. I met with a Shaman once at Mystic Fest in omaha Held by the wonderful Next Millennium. He stated that he felt like there was 2 of me and he didnt understand why. I advised him that I was a twinless tiwn, he said that I was double powerful because of that. Every psychic or sensitive person I have ever encountered has said that I am a by birth “healer” and I need to follow in that role.  Me being the true Aquarius that I am did not listen until now.  Since college I have learned to protect myself and wrap myself in a bubble of myself so nobody else’s crap can get in. I have found that by me doing Reiki or even a Tarot reading I am fully able to connect to someones energy and emphatically feel what they are going through. I used to think that Reiki was the easiest way to do this … I have since then changed my mind. Reiki is so complex and so deep. With Tarot I am able to focus on what they want me to focus on. In conclusion I am for sure 100% Clairsentience. I am curious to see if any of you are as well? Any stories ..? Thanks for reading <3


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